Sep 06, 2015

Git Documentation

For those who want to learn Git or simply fill in the gaps of what you may not know; I found this documentation to be very helpful in learning how to properly use Git:

Sep 05, 2015

Initiate zone transfer using Dig

Dig is a DNS lookup utility. You can use Dig to initiate a DNS zone transfer from a DNS server that allows it. This is useful to for finding sensitive information such as hostnames.

dig @<dnsserver> <domain> axfr

For example:

dig axfr

This Blog

This purpose of this "blog" is to note down stuff that I learn or feel I'd like to share with others. I will regularly use this blog as a public notepad that I can reference anytime I want to remember something like a new command or a solution to a problem I solved. Feel free to use it as such.

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