Oct 02, 2015

Getting Started in Information Security (Presentation)

I recently gave a presentation to the University of Houston's Cyber Security Club about getting started in the information security industry. Below is the link to my presentation:

Getting Started in Information Security

Sep 24, 2015

VITB Podcast - Guest Appearance

I was recently featured on a new podcast from Vince called Vince In The Bay. This episode features a few different people from DEFCON including myself where I talk about the presentation I gave as well as some other things. You can check it out here:


My part starts at 18 minutes and 57 seconds into the podcast.

Sep 09, 2015

DEFCON23 Presentation

So my DEFCON23 talk was given an early-release onto the internet! I am excited since many of you were eager to see it and I'd hate for you all to have to wait for the normal release schedule.

DEF CON 23 - Dennis Maldonado - Are We Really Safe? - Bypassing Access Control Systems