Sep 08, 2015

Untracking and removing already pushed files in Git

I had the problem of wanting to remove and ignore files that I have already commit-ed to git. Turns out, it's pretty simple:

  1. Add the files you want to ignore to your .gitignore file
  2. To unstage and remove paths only from the index, not the file system, run:
    git rm -r --cached .
  3. Run:
    git add .
  4. Run:
    git commit -m "Removed sensitive files"

The files/paths listed in .gitignore should now be gone from the repository but should still exist in your file system.

Note: This will not remove files already pushed to your git repository. To remove sensitive data already pushed, see this article

Sep 06, 2015

Git Documentation

For those who want to learn Git or simply fill in the gaps of what you may not know; I found this documentation to be very helpful in learning how to properly use Git: